Poster presentations

Poster presentations


This year the committee of ICBD 2018 decided to introduce e-Posters at the 18th International Conference on Behçet's Disease. Therefore would like to request the authors of the selected abstracts to prepare an e-Poster, which can be viewed at the e-Poster screens throughout the meeting (13-15 Sept 2018). E-poster presentations provide an excellent opportunity to discuss  your research with the attendees. 
(Electronic posters or e-Posters are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen. Please note that there will be no paper/printed posters at ICBD 2018.) Your e-Poster will be displayed during a special designated scheduled session for a presentation. You can download the poster presentation index below for more Information about your scheduled session. During this session you will be expected to be at your poster to present the results of your research with attendees and answer questions. E-Poster Presentations (e-Poster Discussions) are allocated 3 minutes oral presentation followed by 3 minutes discussion.

All presentations will be uploaded on the e-Poster screen prior to the meeting date. The system will allow you to move around and zoom in on any section (just like a large iPad).

Discussion, Questions and Answers

At the end of your presentation there will be time to discuss and exchange questions about your research and work. The Chair of your session will facilitate questions from the audience.

Preparation of E-Posters

Each e-Poster must be submitted as a single page PDF document with a resolution of 1080 pixels width x 1920 pixels height in portrait orientation. Pictures should have at least a resolution of 1500x1500 pixels. The maximum size of the pdf is 10 Mb.
Please send your e-Poster by e-mail no later than 3rd September to


Please note that the POSTER SESSION 2 on Friday September14th has been changed to 14:45-15:40. The first presenter is expected to begin 14:45. The next presenters will follow accordingly. 

 Should you have any questions, please contact:

ISBD 2018 secretariat
Erasmus MC – Het Congresbureau
Bernice Beukenkamp

T: + 31 (0) 10 703 16 21